Interstellar Motel Radio

by Electric Lo Fi Seresta

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INTERSTELLAR MOTEL RADIO is the second full album from Electric Lo-Fi Seresta, upcoming this august 2017 by Nap Nap Records, and succeeding Noites Brancas (Dufflecoat Records, 2015) and Lunare EP (midsummer madness, 2013).

Originally conceived as a side project by Guilherme Almeida - vocalist and guitarist of the veteran indie band The John Candy - Electric Lo-Fi Seresta brings to Interstellar Motel Radio something that the title already insinuates: 8 varied songs with a certain pop and anguished appeal in melodies, with atmospheric beats and ethereal textures that refer to some imaginary AM radio station, whose frequency would have been lost in the interferences of some alien space station

INTERSTELLAR MOTEL RADIO é o segundo álbum cheio do Electric Lo-Fi Seresta, saindo neste agosto de 2017 pela Nap Nap Records, sucedendo Noites Brancas (Dufflecoat Records, 2015) e o EP Lunare (midsummer madness, 2013).

Concebido inicialmente como um projeto paralelo de Guilherme Almeida - vocalista e guitarrista da veterana banda indie carioca The John Candy - o Electric Lo-Fi Seresta traz em Interstellar Motel Radio algo que o título já insinua: 8 canções variadas com um certo apelo pop e angustiado nas melodias, com texturas atmosféricas e harmonias etéreas que remetem a alguma estação de rádio AM imaginária, cuja frequência teria se perdido em interferências de alguma estação espacial alienígena.


released August 28, 2017

All music & lyrics Guilherme Almeida
Electric Lo-Fi Seresta is Guilherme Almeida


all rights reserved


Track Name: Time Is Not A Timeline
fading illusions
is the power of love
number of waitness
and the clock has stopped

is the soldier of fortune
as the hand of doom
in your smile is so pretty
when i´m dreaming with you
Track Name: Sexy Orbit Of Andromeda
monday comes
tuesday will start
we will flow
as lightning in the clouds

two stones rolling from the sky
just to rolling with us again
Track Name: Hurricane 2020
people says without knowing
what it says
foolish words, olympic blame

goodness is rare
in a golden haze
stupid things in a popular game

blemish, vomit between the storm
country riot to spill the thorn

all is hope, all is mistery
nothing wrong in the time being

(haze and strange feelings
post end of a century
breakdown streaming
postcards to something)
Track Name: Please Do Not Disturb
world is better
when it is just you and me
shadows of their minds
oh, no one cant see
glove in a hand
hearts in a perfect beat
turning into waves
even when we are sleeping

while they turned down
we just coming up
Track Name: Nothing To Declare
I really want
just a brand new day
to feel your bliss around me
and nothing to declare

I never ran
in the nights without haze
to feel your bliss around me
and nothing to declare
Track Name: Our Lunar Island
i hear a call
wind blowing my mind
changing our lives
the horizon shows,
you fall

dont have to wait
to spill good news around
nothing splits
embrace me, dont talk
Track Name: See You Again
you have to wait
I have to back to home
a hard way to sleep with you again

never undertand the way she feels
never understand you without me

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