by Electric Lo Fi Seresta

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Electric Lo-Fi Seresta é o projeto solo de Guilherme Almeida . As músicas são compostas e gravadas rapidamente entre sonhos, memórias déjà vu, guitarras jaguar e melodias cativantes que passam durante a madrugada com cabos em mau contato ao pé da cama de sua casa no Rio de Janeiro.


Electric Lo-Fi Seresta is the solo project by Guilherme Almeida. Songs are quickly composed between dreams, déjà-vu memories, jaguar guitars and catchy melodies coming through his mind at dawn. All recorded with rotten cables by the side of his bed at this home in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Seresta is a tradicional late night viola music played in the bohemian bars and plazas in the end of 19th and begining of 20th century.


LUNARE é um EP lançado pelo selo Midsummer Madness, compilando dois singles e 4 inéditas do Electric Lo-Fi Seresta.

©Guilherme Almeida, midsummer madness mm134
released 20 September 2014


released September 22, 2014

All songs composed, recorded & produced by Guilherme Almeida.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Juvenilia
we won´t drink in college bus
we won´t smile about fanzine jokes
but her songs make us feel
like a film
that I never see
we won´t meet at college bar
we won´t smile about fanzine jokes
bur het songs make us feel
like a film
(that I never dreamt)
Track Name: Don´t Tell Him
what´s the truth you see in my eyes,
is it the same you saw in those eyes?
what´s the deal for living a half-life?
is it the same you feel in his mind?
Out of focus, you could break my heart
shining lights from a stage star
what´s the deal for living a half -life?
Track Name: Anybody´s Fool
Poet is like a liar
That´s what someone says
If we´re lying together
Only one third could pray it

Illusion is not a lie
That´s a few one says
If you´re lying alone
Only one second could pray it

Lying so softly
Will not hurt me
Lying so softly
Kiss me and hug me
Track Name: Your Favorite Sarah Song
Everytime I lose me in this town
I can find me just looking in her eyes
They are a sort of magical smile

Even knowing where could I go
When the streets are closed to love
When my heart was sick and stoned

We´re looking for a new chapter from a book she wrote
We´re looking for denying all those times you may, bloke
Track Name: Noites Brancas (ao vivo)
I was living without a “me”
And you, so high, dancing beats
But now I´m ready to recognize “me”
And kiss your same, your same lips that

In my dreams,
Its so easy to tell the truth.
In your dreams,
Its so easy to see me and shoot me

Just for you
Crazy for you
Lazy, not for you
Track Name: X-Birthday
One more year, one more day
It never leaves
Brand new kiss in that day, what it means?
In her sweet no home like place I can stay
For a shelter´s birthday, it never leaves

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